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EMF Balancing Technique®

EMF Balancing Technique® balances the human electromagnetic energy field, allowing the individual’s energy to open as many circuits as possible to the Universal Cosmic Lattice (UCL) or Universal Energy Source. This personal connection facilitates potent self-empowerment and leads to spontaneous release with ease and grace.

The Universal Cosmic Lattice

The Universal Cosmic Lattice (UCL) is an energy that pervades the universe. It passes through all matter and it is available all the time. Our individual energy field is our personal connection to the UCL.  We can always strengthen our connection to the Cosmic Lattice by energy work and/or intent, in much the same way we strengthen the muscles of our physical body with regular exercise. The energetic fibers of our individual energy field are composed of conscious elements of light and they respond to our intention.

How EMF Balancing Heals

Each EMF session calibrates and strengthens the entire personal energy field, which releases and reorganizes itself into the next highest pattern of balance. This opens as many circuits as possible to the Universal Cosmic Lattice and larger aspects of Self. This calibration process occurs for everyone, whether or not one is conscious of it.  The core of our being holds unlimited potential. The EMF session strengthens the flow of energy within the core, which allows greater access to the wisdom within.

Phase I – Wisdom and Emotions

This EMF session establishes a new pattern of freedom and well-being.  The head and heart become more integrated and the client experiences a balance between thought and emotions. It brings new clarity and understanding to current life situations. The client now begins to think with the heart and feel with the mind.

Phase II – Self-Direction and Support

This session gracefully releases the energy restraints of what we call the past without having to relive the trauma of the event.  I calibrate the energy that has been holding the client back (and powerless) into a golden column of wisdom and support.

The Long Vertical Fibers

The outside edge of the human energy field is defined by 12 long vertical fibers, 24 inches from the human body. This energy field is the same for every human being, similar to being in an energetic egg.  If you look at the top of the head, you can see the 12 fibers equally spaced around the body. Where they meet at the top is called the Centre Above. This is where we connect with all that we know as Divine: our helpers, advisors, our highest selves, and that which we know as God. The point where the fibers meet below the body is where we connect with the Earth – Centre Below. These 12 fibers determine the outside edge of the field.

Long Informational Fibers

The three fibers in the front represent our connections to the future, the three at the back hold our past, the three to the right are where we give out support, and the three to the left are where we receive support. These fibers are filled with disks of light, which hold bits of information.

The fibers at the back, which hold all of our past, form our Akashic record. This record of our past (past lives and this life’s past events) is held in disks of light in our very own electromagnetic field, our lattice, in those three fibers at the back.

The three fibers in the front, where we first touch the future, hold all of our limitless potential, and this is one of the most important connections made through the Electromagnetic Field Balancing Technique. In fact, as homework between sessions, I ask clients to make a list of how they would like their future to feel, a list of “intents” of how they intend their future to be. We actually place these “intents” into light disks in the front fibers to attract the necessary opportunities into their field.

Infinity Loops

Another important structure is the infinity loop. There are shaped like figure 8’s which go from the energy charkas in the Core to each of the long outside fibers. Information passes along these infinity loops instantaneously. When these key structures are strong and in perfect balance, all of one’s talents, abilities and wisdom can be brought forward from the past as needed, and opportunities can be brought into the Core (present time) to empower the life one would choose to live.

What Happens During an EMF Session

Two very important clearings happen during electromagnetic field balancing. There is excess electromagnetic energy held around traumatic events in the past.  Excess electromagnetic energy is what causes people to go back into old patterns and to repeat difficult situations, such as people who continually attract abusive relationships. This excess electromagnetic energy acts as an anchor holding us back, causing us to repeat patterns that we would consciously choose to release. When this excess energy is cleared, our back fibers are transformed into a column of wisdom and support. Through the infinity loops our wisdom, talents and abilities move forward into our Core, rather than the old patterns.

The second important clearing happens in the front future fibers. This is where humans have traditionally held fear and worry about the future. During various times in human history, fear and worry were appropriate. At this point in our evolution, however, we have enough intelligence and common sense to avoid such danger without having to continually hold its possibility in conscious thought. So fear and worry can now safely be cleared from our field. Once these fears are released, I move through the infinity loops, increasing their strength and balance, ensuring that they are completely formed and fully functional in order to prepare the field to hold the new self-chosen intents and empowered future.

During an EMF Session, I balance and adjust the client’s electromagnetic field in numerous ways. Clients may feel not only their body and its sensations, but also their personal essence and their spirit. I act as a mechanic, making adjustments and various needed connections in the field, empowering your field to hold all of who you choose to be.

Connect with the Lattice, and release what no longer serves you!