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    Phase I EMF Balancing

    1.5 hour session   @  $240

    This EMF session establishes a new pattern of freedom and well-being. The head and heart become more integrated and the client experiences a balance between thought and emotions. It brings new clarity and understanding to current life situations. The client now begins to think with the heart and feel with the mind.

    Phase II EMF Balancing

    1.5 hour session   @  $240

    This session gracefully releases the energy restraints of what we call the past without having to relive the trauma of the event. I calibrate the energy that has been holding the client back (and powerless) into a golden column of wisdom and support.

    Tarot and Akashic Readings


    1 hour Akashic session  @  $180

    Package: Counseling & Coaching  @  $450 3x 60min

    Tarot Party Reading  @  $450 3 hours

    I offer Tarot and Akashic readings in person, by phone, or online. I offer one-to-one coaching sessions package as well. For first time clients, I recommend a 1 hour session. Clients are encouraged to ask questions, for this is a vital step in experiencing power as a creator being. Questions can vary from confirmation or clarity on things you are experiencing to questions of a more universal nature. The more specific your questions are, the more detailed answers and assistance you tend to receive from the guides. Every session is recorded.

    All in-person readings include travel within most of Lisbon, Portugal. 

    Frequently Asked Questions?

    What Happens During an EMF Session?

    Two very important clearings happen during electromagnetic field balancing. There is excess electromagnetic energy held around traumatic events in the past. Excess electromagnetic energy is what causes people to go back into old patterns and to repeat difficult situations, such as people who continually attract abusive relationships. This excess electromagnetic energy acts as an anchor holding us back, causing us to repeat patterns that we would consciously choose to release. When this excess energy is cleared, our back fibers are transformed into a column of wisdom and support. Through the infinity loops our wisdom, talents and abilities move forward into our Core, rather than the old patterns.
    The second important clearing happens in the front future fibers. This is where humans have traditionally held fear and worry about the future. During various times in human history, fear and worry were appropriate. At this point in our evolution, however, we have enough intelligence and common sense to avoid such danger without having to continually hold its possibility in conscious thought. So fear and worry can now safely be cleared from our field. Once these fears are released, I move through the infinity loops, increasing their strength and balance, ensuring that they are completely formed and fully functional in order to prepare the field to hold the new self-chosen intents and empowered future.
    During an EMF Session, I balance and adjust the client’s electromagnetic field in numerous ways. Clients may feel not only their body and its sensations, but also their personal essence and their spirit. I act as a mechanic, making adjustments and various needed connections in the field, empowering your field to hold all of who you choose to be.

    What kinds of questions can I ask for a Tarot and Akashic Reading?

    No questions are off limits. We often want confirmation about what is going on in our lives, usually in the area of love, money and career. We have free will and our guides and celestial helpers respect that. When we ask questions, we give permission for our guides to give us all the information they can. That is why being specific and asking for assistance is so important. Anything you need to know, the guides will weave into the conversation.

    What should I do to prepare for a Tarot or Akashic Reading?

    Write at least 3 specific questions to ask the guides. If you have more than that, great! Please take some time for this process. The more time you invest in formulating specific questions the more you will gain from your reading.

    Is the Tarot and Akashic Reading recorded?

    I will record your session and send you an electronic file within 2-3 days of the reading.

    Are Tarot and Akashic Readings offered in person or over the phone?

    I do Tarot Readings over the phone, online or in person in Lisbon.

    Will you tell me my future?

    Rather than give you a list of probable realities, the guides tend to help you learn to create reality for yourself. They help you to see what may be blocking you from creating what you want. It is their desire to help empower you to create your own reality.